Bail Bonds Contracts Explained In Simi Valley

When someone is arrested, they will be taken to a nearby law enforcement station for processing and booking. Depending on what they have been charged with, they could be eligible for bail which will permit them to be released back to their daily lives until they are required in court. When a defendant is eligible for bail, it is always advised to contact a professional bail bonds company such as Simi Valley Bail Bonds.

Our company is a reputable, and professional bail bonds company and we only employ the best staff in the industry. Our highest priority is the needs and welfare of our clients, and their families. Dedicated to providing the best services in the industry, we are continually seeking new and improved ways to service our clients.

When electing to utilize a bail bonds firm such as Simi Valley Bail Bonds, you should be aware that you will be required to sign a bail bond contract. Whether you are the defendant or a family member of the defendant signing on their behalf, there are certain terms and conditions that must be adhered to in this contract. The staff at Simi Valley Bail Bonds will explain all the terms and conditions to you, however, the following is an overview of what a bail bond contract involves.

Our bail bonds company, like all bail bonds companies will require a bail bond contract to be signed in return for posting bail on behalf of the defendant. Every bail bond contract will include certain terms and conditions that must be adhered to, in order for the defendant to maintain their freedom up until the court hearing. The person signing the contract, also known as the indemnitor, will also have terms and conditions, including being responsible for the defendant, and even the financial amount of the bail in the event the defendant fails to meet their obligations.

Every bail bond contract will have at least one or more of the following conditions:

  • Responsible for the bail bond fee. This is 10% of the total amount of bail (in the state of California). This is a non refundable fee for the services of the bail bond company.

  • Responsible for ensuring that the defendant shows up to each and every required court date. This is the most important of all responsibilities.

  • Should the defendant not show at court (failure to appear), the signer, or indemnitor, will be responsible for all expenses associated with locating the defendant and having them returned to custody. Expenses can include phone calls, travel expenses, bounty hunters (if used), the entire bail amount, and any other court and attorney associated fees.

  • Keeping the bail bonds company informed of any change of address, or place of employment in relation to the defendant, as well as any other important changes.

  • If the defendant leaves town, fails to appear, or moves, the indemnitor is legally obliged to share their location.

Our firm will of course explain all this at the time the paperwork is being filled out. Do not be afraid to ask the staff member questions, as they will be more than happy to answer them. You can call us on (805) 308-6582. As we are available on a 24/7 basis, we will be there right when you need us the most. Please read even more information on our website.