Simi Valley Bail Bonds Can Meet Your Needs

When a family member or close friend has been arrested, naturally you will be trying to figure out how you can help. Obviously, you will be wondering who to call for assistance, especially if you are unable to raise the necessary bail to have them released. Thankfully, Simi Valley Bail Bonds is able to assist.

Being involved in a situation such as this, can be extremely stressful which is why it is very important to locate a bail bonds company that will be able to deliver the results you are looking for. A good bail bonds company will always put the needs of their clients first.

Simi Valley Bail Bonds is your complete bail bonds company. We have earned the reputation of being the premium bail bonds company in Southern California. This reputation is well deserved, and an obvious indication that we are providing services to meet the needs of our clients.

Some advantages to using our services:

  • Available when you need us

  • Will come to the jail

  • Can organize a payment plan for their fee

  • Can offer a zero money down for clients who qualify

  • Professional, and experienced team

  • Compassionate, and friendly staff

  • Referrals to prominent California attorneys

There are very few bail bonds firms that can offer a complete range of services and all under the one roof. Simi Valley Bail Bonds consistently strives to improve our services to ensure that our clients are getting the very best results.

Operating within the very strict guidelines of the bail bonds industry, we will have to ask for a non-refundable fee for our services. A bail bonds fee has been set at 10% of the total amount of bail by the California Department of Insurance. So, if the bail has been set at $45,000, then the bail bonds fee will be $4,500. This firm will work in a payment plan or even a zero money down upfront for those clients who qualify however, you will need to ensure you keep up with all agreed payments.

You can contact Simi Valley Bail Bonds on (805) 308-6582. We will be there for you right when you need us the most. Visit our website for even more important information.